Two Years Old


Journal - Two Years Old

2 Year old

1st Year of Life

Baby Journal

Oct - Carson can now count to 11 by himself and knows half his alphabet!

Oct - Carson was 97% potty trained in a week. We bribed him with hotwheel cars!

Sept - We started potty training Carson today.

Aug-3 - Carson can count to 3 by himself and with a little help he can count to 5.

Aug 2 - After having a cold for the past month & a half (shortly after starting daycare) Carson has his first ear infection....antibiotics and lots of Tylenol! The Doctors and nurses loved Carson. He was such a good boy. Both Mom & Dad were very proud of him!

July 24-27 - Family camping trip to Campbell River. Carson, Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa Scott, Auntie Sandy, Uncle Greg, Miles, Zach, Aunt Connie, Uncle Al, Uncle Mike, Aunt Roni, Steve and our furry family members (Jazzy, Joey, Maggie, and Bella) all went.

July 20- Carson's vocabulary is increasing so fast. Every day he is saying a new word. He is saying 3 and 4 word sentences. Sometimes, he cracks us up. The other day he pointed to my boobs and said "Mom's boots".

July 13 - Carson had an audition today for Kids Toys. They never tell us how it went so now it's just waiting against the odds.

June-29 - Carson saw the letter B, M, S at the beginning of the Shrek movie and to my surprise, told me what letters they were!

June 19- Carson now knows all his colours...although he likes to drive us crazy by saying "purple" with a smile on his face!

June 18, 2009 - Carson was asked to Audition for a Panasonic commercial for Japanese distribution. We passed on the opportunity.

June 9, 2009 - Carson fed his first horse, Drifter, a carrot today! Drifter was enjoying it so much that he spat some of it out and it landed on Carson's hair. Cousin Debbie, also took Carson for his first ATV ride....he loved it!

June 6, 2009 - Carson's first day of pre-school. He was excited to see all the kids playing. Apparently, he did well. Came home with lots of bruises on his legs from playing outside.

May 28 - June 8, 2009 - Carson spent the last 10 days with Aunt Laura & Uncle Fern from Ontario. Carson really really loves his aunt Laura....he had an immediate connection with we all do!

April, 2009 - Carson is so funny. His new favourite word is "Careful".

Feb 9, 2009 - Carson's agent called today. Apparently they are having a hard time finding a naturally dark haired little boy to play "Baby Superman" in Smallville. They have tried three boys already but none of them were right for the part. They have one more boy to try and if it doesn't work out they would like to dye Carson's hair dark and give him a try.

November 26, 2008 - First Time Skating. Uncle Mike and Auntie Roni took Carson skating for the first time today.