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October 5, 2010 - Carson's first day at Discovery Elementary Preschool.

October 4, 2010 - Carson was a real trooper today. He had his first dental appointment and was really good and cool about it.

Sept 11, 2010 - Carson & his best friend Shaylee spent the day at the Cowichan Fair.

August 20, 2010 - It's official....Carson no longer wears pull ups to bed. He is diaper free....forever....or at least until he is 80!!

August 18, 2010 - Carson is only 3 and he already knows how to do subtractions!

August 10, 2010 - Carson just finished his first swim lessons. He went from being afraid to getting water in his eyes to putting his head under water! Way to go buddy!

August 7, 2010 - Mom & Dad went away for the weekend to see Rush at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington so I went with Grandma & Grandpa to a bbq on an 8 acre farm. It was lots of fun!

July 28 - Aunt Connie & Alan invited us to BowMel Chrysler's summer party at Fun Pacific. Carson had a blast riding in the go karts, playing mini golf with a purple golf ball (his favourite colour) and hitting golf balls at the driving range.

July 10 - Went camping with Auntie Sandy, Uncle Greg, Miles & Zach in Coombs. It was lots of fun.

June 22 - Carson has been on hold for the past three weeks for his commercial. His agent doesn't know for sure but thinks that maybe they didn't have time to shoot his commercial (They had 24 commercials to shoot in 10 days).

June 20 - "Happy Father's Day" to the best dad ever! (Shane). We spent the day at the BC Forrest Museum riding the train and playing in the playground.

June 1 - Carson's agent called to tell us that "he is on hold" for the commercial!...Yeah, we are soooo excited!

May 5 - Carson went for another audition for Fisher Price. Again, there were hundreds of kids there...we can only hope!

April 19 - Carson and his friends, Shay & Ethan, went to see Franklin in concert. They had lots of fun dancing in the aisle.

April 12 - Carson's first trip to Disneyland. We all had a blast! It was cool seeing Carson run to Woody, Goofy, and Mickey with his arms wide open to give them hugs!

Dec 29, 2009- A couple of weeks ago we taped Polar Express for Carson. Since then, he has watched it on average 3 times a day.....every day! So tonight we took him to see Polar Express at the IMAX!

Dec 27, 2009 - Carson, Mom & Dad went to see the second Alvin & the Chipmunks at the theatre today.

Dec 25, 2009 - Santa finally made it to our house at 5:30am. Santa's bells woke Carson up. Santa came into Carson's room and wished him a Merry Christmas. Carson rushed downstairs to see what Santa left him. He got all sorts of things including a huge tractor trailer and a guitar.

Dec 6 - Carson had his first birthday party with friends. Originally all 8 kids invited were confirmed but we had to change the date to Dec 6 because Carson was sick. Cole, Tyson, Shay, Deegan, and Torin helped celebrate Carson's birthday. His party was a hands-on baking party. All the kids got chef's hats and aprons. They made their own mini pizzas and decorated cupcakes. Carson received all sorts of nice gifts including a Ludwig drumset.

Nov 14- Carson now has the coolest bedroom ever! He has his own 46" LCD TV!

Nov 13 - Carson met uncle Alan & Auntie Rochelle's baby, Ty and Cousin Ryan's & Heidi's baby, Hayden.

Nov 30 - Fisher Price commercial was renewed for another year!

Nov 23 - Happy 3rd Birthday...Carson!

Nov 09 - Carson likes to sleep with a handful of hotwheels. Every night he picks different cars to sleep with. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, he ALWAYS wants his cars. It's funny how he remembers exactly how many and which ones he went to sleep with.