My Mom is the greatest. She's smart and she must be cute too because everyone says I look just like her and everyone tells me that I am cute. She takes such good care of me. Dad says she is our “EVERYTHING”. She is the stability in our lives. Mom had a very successful career that she has put on hold to raise me and my dad.

Mom's Baby Picture

My Baby Picture


My dad is the coolest. He takes care of all of us. Jazzy, Joey, and I think he is the best. Mom thinks he is pretty special too, however she won't say it out loud because she doesn't want to inflate dad's ego bigger than it is. Dad thinks he is an underwear model. Mom says "Yeah, for the Short and Fat!" So instead Mom whispers in my ear how lucky we are to have him in our lives. He is pretty funny and is very entertaining. (That’s him being a jokester). He likes to have lots of fun and he’s one of my best friends except for when he gets us in trouble with Mom.


My puppy dog Jazzy is a lot like my dad.....goofy and a lot of fun! We call him "Spazzy Jazzy" because he is a bit crazy but in a good way. He barks at the TV any time there are dogs or cats on it. We couldn't even watch Lady in the Tramp without Jazzy getting excited. Mom calls him "Our Lazy Boy" because Jazzy can sleep in till noon even if the rest of the family is up and about. Jazzy likes to kiss everyone, cuddle, and play ball. I thinks it's funny that Jazzy gets jealous if Dad tries to kiss Mom. He squirms his way between them. Usually if the puppy dogs are in's Jazzy's fault.


Joey keeps Jazzy and me in line when mom is not around. She is a good babysitter and always cleans up my mess after dinner. Joey loves her walks, food, and cuddles. If there are dirty socks left on the floor Joey is sure to find them. Sometimes she just carries them in her mouth and sleeps on them, other times she EATS them so we have to be careful. Joey doesn't share well...if there are two toys for her and Jazzy to play with, she will play with one and sit on the other so that Jazzy won't have one.