Carson's Funnies!

August - 2009

Now that Carson is speaking he is cracking us up. BIG TIME!

One morning Carson let a big one (fart) out. Trying to teach him manners, we said to him "what do you say"...he looks at us and says "MORE PLEASE!"

Grandma was dressed in her nice clothes and wanted to get comfortable so she said to Carson "Grandma's going to get changed". He looked at her and asked "Why, Grandma Pooped?"

July - 2010

Carson and mom went for a swim. When mom stood in front of the jets suddenly a bunch of bubbles came up. Carson announed to the entire pool...."Mom farted"

This afternoon we went for a hike and on the trail was a fairly large woman. Carson says "Mom, that lady has big legs" just as we are passing her.

Carson likes to announce out loud who has a "dinky" and who doesn't. He says things like "Mom, that lady doesn't have a dinky." Talk about embarassing!