One Year Old Journal



Fisher Price Commercial
October 31, 2008 - We saw Carson's commercial on tv for the first time!! It is real cool to see your kid in a commercial.

Carson walked up stairs
September 23, 2008 - Today Carson walked up the stairs for the first time instead of crawling.

19 Months

At nineteen months, every day is a power struggle as Carson strives for independence. Outbursts of anger and frustration is common when Carson is struggling with something that he is determined to accomplish. Carson loves to draw and wants every pen he sees.While Carson bursts with energy, he's also more interested in sitting still longer, especially when he is interested in something on TV.

Filmed Fisher Price Commercial
June 10, 2008 - Carson filmed his first commercial for Fisher Price today. He was the first choice out of over 800 kids!

18 Months

Carson filmed his first commercial on June 10th. The producers saw over 800 kids and Carson was the one chosen to be filmed! He was sick on filming day, so hopefully the final product is good, otherwise they will need to go with their backup. He is starting to point at everything and shakes his head "No" when he doesn't want something. Carson uses a handful of words on a regular basis, which include "Daddy, Mama, Jazzy, Joey, oh-oh, shoes, Thanks." He is more stable on his feet and loves to climb all over the furniture. Carson is fascinated with Uncle Mike's drums and guitar and loves to listen to him play.

17 Months

At seventeen months Carson is 20 pounds 8 ounces and 77 cm tall. He is walking everywhere. On April 30th, he climbed up on the couch for the first time. Carson had a commercial audition for Fisher Price Toys on May 6th. He even got a call back which is a big accomplishment as most kids don't ever make it this far. He is continuously walking around the house talking on the cell phone, loves playing in his ball pen and takes toys apart and puts them back together.

April 6, 2008 - Carson walked for the first time today. Both of his parents were present to see him accomplish this huge milestone.

16 Months

Carson finally took his first steps at approximately 1:30pm on April 6th! (16 and half months!). Both his dad and mom were present to see this big accomplishment. He hasn't grown much in the last four months due to his fincky eatting habits so we are working really hard on getting him to eat more. Carson often cracks up over something he thinks is funny, which keeps us entertained. We love when he gets excited and yells "daddy" when his dad gets home from a long day at work.

Stands on his Own
March 16, 2008 - Today Carson wanted to eat my ice cream so I made him stand while he ate it. He stood for about 10 minutes all by himself....eating away!!

March 1, 2008 - Carson came to me out of the blue and gave me kisses for the first time. This was a really cool moment.

15 Months

At 15 months, Carson is still not walking. Not because he is incapable but because he is lazy and a little scared. He stands on his own until he realizes he is on his own then down he goes. He knows how to climb into the dishwasher and can get himself down off the couch without a problem. Carson enjoys sitting at the dinner table with us and wants to eat whatever we are eating. He also knows what a brush is and tries to brush his own hair. Carson is becoming more and more affectionate and now gives his mom and dad kisses on his own and even tries to give his puppy dogs kisses too! When Carson sees something he wants he takes off really fast. He loves chasing the dogs and playing ball.

14 Months

Our sweet little boy sure has a mind of his own. He definitely does not like to hear the word "NO" and has no problem telling us either. Carson is eating really well now. He is feeding himself things like toast, fruit, grill cheese, cake, cookies etc. Carson's newest trick is to crawl backwards. He thinks this is the greatest thing. Carson has discovered toilet paper and loves anything with water in it (toilet, dog bowl)...whatever! Carson is really good at matching shapes and stacking mega blocks. His love for music is becoming more and more apparent. He dances and stops whatever he is doing when a good tune comes on. Soon he will have his own drum set and guitar as we would like him to pursue this interest. Carson is still very adaptable to whatever situation he is in. He is taking one nap during the day and sleeps throughout the night.

13 Months

At 13 months, the world is starting to open up for Carson. Although he is still using furniture or other objects to support himself, he is moving on his own and no longer has to wait to be lifted or carried. He is cruising around the house exploring everything he can get his hands on. With his new freedom he can roam where his growing curiosity takes him, which usually means opening every cupboard and pulling the contents out, or playing in the dog water bowl. Whatever he is up to it is a great achievement. Carson is also starting to understand simple instructions such as "clap your hands" or wave "bye-bye". We call Carson the "Singing Barber" because he will play with your hair while singing for a long long time...if you let him.

December 8, 2007 - Carson crawled up stairs for the first time today

December 2, 2007 - Carson has finally learned how to crawl the proper way!! Now we can't keep our eyes off of him. He has already wrecked one of our Christmas ornaments.

Standing Up
November 26, 2007 - A couple of days after Carson's first birthday, he pulled himself up and was found standing while holding on to the sofa. Now that Carson is able to stand, those magical first steps toward independence is just around the corner and means a lot more exercise for me!

One Year Checkup
December 4, 2007

At Carson's First Year check-up he is 18 Pounds, 8 Ounces and 74 cm tall. We are blessed that he is a healthy little guy.

One Year Old

We can hardly believe how far our little man has come in the past 12 months. He started out tiny and helpless, and now he's mobile, independent, and full of personality. This coming year will have its own challenges, but for now we are enjoying what Carson has already accomplished.

I know I haven't been the best at updating his website but I will try to do a better job this year so make sure to come back to see the latest addition to Carson's website. Don't forget to leave us a message in the Guestbook!

Carson's First Birthday
November 23, 2007

Thank You to All of you who celebrated Carson's First Birthday with us.